An intimate, state-of-the-art performance venue located in Altadena, California.

What acts are booked at Coffee Gallery Backstage (CGB)?

We typically book high quality, accomplished and sophisticated Folk, Traditional, Old Time, Roots, Americana and Bluegrass-style acts. We generally will book all styles and genres at our events as long as the music and message is positive and really, really great.

How would you characterize the regular audience at CGB?

We attract an older, intelligent and affluent audience who appreciate great music and fun, ready wit. They regularly purchase CDs of the acts that perform and become devoted to the acts they like. They will often travel from north from San Diego and south from Santa Barbara to see a favorite act.

Is our act right for CGB?

Besides being a first rate musical act, have a sparkling personality. We want the “show” in “show business”. We want the “entertainment” in the “entertainment business”. If you have no real show of wit, humor and charisma, CGB might not be the place for you.

How will CGB market the show?

We maintain a mailing list of over two thousand local patrons who enjoy the type of music and experience provided by CGB. We promote our booked shows through our newsletter, our website and our social media. We also rely on word-of-mouth referrals from our regular patrons.

Am I expected to help market our show?

Absolutely. We work together to fill the seats. We will furnish you a local Media List. Those acts that exploit the list almost always get local coverage.

If your act does not have an outstanding reputation, a large and loyal local following on social media … if you are not drawing decent crowds on the circuit, please do not request or accept a booking at CGB.

This is show business and we have to pay our bills.

What days are available to book a show?

We specialize in “one-nighters” that encourage acts to request weekday evenings as well as weekend time slots. Many larger acts that perform at CGB have booked dates at large Los Angeles venues on the weekend. That same act will often carve out a weeknight evening to offer a more intimate experience to their friends and fans. This provides them a ready opportunity to pick up a few more fans and bit more folding money.

Can we book a matinee before an evening show?

Yes. We offer 2-hour matinee time slots on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 4:00 PM. Matinee slots free up acts for evening shows and allows them to maximize their impact in Southern California.



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