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How do I make reservations for an event?

Call (626) 798-6236 anytime and leave a message on the voice mail stating your name, your phone number, the date and name of the show you want to attend and the number of people attending. You will be called back with a confirmation within a reasonable time. Have confidence that you will be well taken care of.

What time should I arrive for the show?

We open the doors and begin seating 30 minutes before the show starts. Please arrive 45 minutes before all shows begin to allow for traffic.

How much to tickets typically cost?

The acts set the ticket prices and they are typically $15, $18 or $20. If you make a reservation the person returning your confirmation will confirm the ticket price.

Can I purchase my tickets online or over the phone?

No. Please pay in cash or by check when you arrive. We do not process credit cards for admissions online or at the door.

Can I purchase food and drinks?

Yes. The Coffee Gallery, the coffee shop that occupies the front, has a wide variety of food and beverages. Credit and debit cards are accepted for food and drink, as well as cash.

How do I get my choice of seats?

All seats are good seats. No seat is further than 15 feet from the stage. Call in for reservations as early as you can. Join the folks by the door in the lobby. We call out reservations 30 minutes prior to showtime n the order in which you phoned in your reservation. If you arrive early or on time, you will have first choice of seats.

May I bring beer and/or wine?

Absolutely not. We are not licensed to serve alcohol. It is prohibited by law.

 How long will the show last?

From beginning to end, approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. There are two sets with a 15 minute intermission.

Do you have wheel chair access?

Yes we do. There are no interior steps or stairs. We have special seating areas for those using wheelchairs with an easily accessed restroom. Guide dogs are always permitted.

Do you ever cancel a reservation?

No. Once you are confirmed your reservation will not be cancelled unless the act cancels (which has never happened) or there is a natural disaster. Once you make a reservation, it is yours. Just arrive before the show begins. Once the show begins it is open seating. Do not be late. A reservation is good only until the show starts.

What is your show format?

Acts that perform at Coffee Gallery Backstage are usually well seasoned, highly entertaining, and well known for high quality music and wit. Many of the acts tour and perform all over the world and play within a comfortable audio range … exciting but not too loud.

Is there a dress code?

Not really. For men, a decent shirt and jeans or slacks is perfect. No shorts. Shoes required. We are casual but clean.

If I am an entertainer, how do I book an engagement?

First, be extremely good. Assume this is the top of the food chain. You may book a date by first reading our Booking FAQ and then filling out our online Booking Form.

Is The Coffee Gallery Backstage for rent?

Yes, our facility is available for rent when there is not a scheduled show. Rental prices vary depending on the day and time. Rental typically will include a sound and light technician. Learn more about rentals.




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