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07/19/19 - John York: The 3Bs of Rock and Roll

…..not Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, but the 3Bs of our shared musical experience in the 60’s and ...
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07/20/19 - Jerry Burgan: Songs & Stories

MATINEE! Jerry Burgan's Songs & Stories with Debbie Burgan: From the Earth to the Moon. A night of ...
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07/20/19 - The Mighty Echoes

The Mighty Echoes have been singing a cappella doo-wop since 1986, crafting harmonies par ...
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07/21/19 - Quartermaster

A riotous matinee. Always plays to a full house! This is a real show. Rowdy Pub Songs, Deep Male ...
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07/21/19 - The Beatunes: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute Band

The Beatunes bring together four of So.Cal’s top musicians - solely to honor and play as ...
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07/23/19 - The Folk Legacy Trio: Two Nights in July

For two nights in a row we offer you a chance to see George Grove, Rick Dougherty and Jerry ...
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“While Bob Stane’s Coffee Gallery Backstage mimics a Guatemalan coffee warehouse, the overall experience is deeply American, exploring traditional, bluegrass and folk music coupled with a superior setting and storytelling, all accomplished with soul, skill and style.”

~ LA Weekly

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