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08/18/19 - Misner & Smith

Hailing from Northern California, Misner & Smith’s music is a combination of soaring vocal ...
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08/20/19 - The Bind

On August 20th, The Bind and associates hope to capture their influences and take their audience back to ...
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08/22/19 - WILL BRAHM

Guitarist/composer Will Brahm brings his original music from his new acoustic album “Venture ...
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08/23/19 - Sourdough Slim & Robert Armstrong

Something for everyone’s musical funny bone. A fast-paced performance of music and comedy that ...
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08/24/19 - “ThenAgain” A Tribute to The Everly Brothers

MATINEE! ThenAgain is a dynamic and artful tribute featuring Bob Chambers on Guitar/ Vocals and ...
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08/24/19 - Phil Salazar & The Kinfolk

Some ridiculously good pickin’ & grinnin’ by the best in the business. Always packs the house. Fun ...
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“While Bob Stane’s Coffee Gallery Backstage mimics a Guatemalan coffee warehouse, the overall experience is deeply American, exploring traditional, bluegrass and folk music coupled with a superior setting and storytelling, all accomplished with soul, skill and style.”

~ LA Weekly

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