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02/23/19 - Green Ashes: Revolutionary Irish-Celtic Tunes

MATINEE! With depth, range, and brazen musicianship, the band’s music is steeped in raw emotion and ...
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02/23/19 - Incendio: Latin Guitar World Fusion

Incendio is Jim Stubblefield (guitar), Liza Carbe (bass and guitar), and Jean-Pierre Durand ...
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02/24/19 - Fortunate Son: Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival

MATINEE! The Best In The Nation. Returning by popular demand, their own desire and a thirst for a ...
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02/24/19 - Marc Berger Performs Critically Acclaimed Album, “Ride” WITH STEVE POSTELL

Marc Berger has performed at Austin’s SXSW and the Kerrville Folk Festival, and has opened shows for ...
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02/27/19 - David Harvey Presents

Featuring: Multi-talented musician, Christiane Cargill Kinney; Songwriter, Shannon Hurley; the ...
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02/28/19 - Off My Head Storytelling

Join us for another show of often funny, sometimes poignant, always authentic personal ...
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“While Bob Stane’s Coffee Gallery Backstage mimics a Guatemalan coffee warehouse, the overall experience is deeply American, exploring traditional, bluegrass and folk music coupled with a superior setting and storytelling, all accomplished with soul, skill and style.”

~ LA Weekly

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