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10/16/19 - Craig Eastman & Billy Kemp

What happens when you pair a national fiddle champion from New England with a Baltimore ...
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Join us for another show of often funny, sometimes poignant and always authentic personal ...
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10/18/19 - Taylor Made: The James Taylor Tribute Band

Taylor Made consists of a group of musicians who are dedicated to bringing the uplifting, soulful and ...
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10/19/19 - She-lon

MATINEE! Producers Reverie Fey-Heyburn & Karin T. Tucker bring to you: "She-lon" a Women's Autumn ...
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10/19/19 - FRU SKAGERRAK

The music of Fru Skagerrak takes you on a musical journey through Scandinavia; from lowlands to ...
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10/20/19 - Bach ‘An All

MATINEE! Imagine four top studio and touring musicians playing the hauntingly beautiful and ...
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“While Bob Stane’s Coffee Gallery Backstage mimics a Guatemalan coffee warehouse, the overall experience is deeply American, exploring traditional, bluegrass and folk music coupled with a superior setting and storytelling, all accomplished with soul, skill and style.”

~ LA Weekly

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