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11/14/18 - Frankie Gavin: Fastest Fiddler w/ Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello

Guinness book of records Fastest Fiddle player in the World, Frankie Gavin on fiddle, viola and ...
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11/15/18 - Off My Head: Storytelling!

Join us for another show of often funny, sometimes poignant, always authentic personal ...
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11/16/18 - The Jangle Brothers: John York, Billy Darnell & Chad Watson

The best music this side of Bob Dylan and the Band. Guitar heaven with former members of the ...
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11/17/18 - Cross-Continental Touring Trio: Whitherward

The permanently touring trio is now back in the states from their Subaru Europe sponsored tour. ...
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11/18/18 - Paula Boggs Band: Jazz, Rock & Americana

MATINEE! Paula Boggs Band is a 6-piece ensemble that traverses jazz, world, rock and Americana. ...
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11/18/18 - Earth Mama Song Swap: Bernice Lewis, Jill Freeman & Laurie McClain

Join us for a special evening at the Coffee Gallery featuring 3 soulful, accomplished musicians who do ...
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“While Bob Stane’s Coffee Gallery Backstage mimics a Guatemalan coffee warehouse, the overall experience is deeply American, exploring traditional, bluegrass and folk music coupled with a superior setting and storytelling, all accomplished with soul, skill and style.”

~ LA Weekly

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