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Tuesday January 23 8:00 P.M. $20 MOOD INDIGO is the spirit of spangled gowns swirling to the infectious pulse of swing. It is a song sung in harmony, sad, sweet, or swung. But most of all, Mood Indigo is the irresistible chemistry of David Jackson, John Reynolds, and Casey MacGill.

It started many years ago in the gin joints of sun-drenched Los Angeles; three guys celebrating the style of 1930’s music in the 1980’s.

The legend continues Tuesday, January 23 at The Backstage Coffee Gallery.
You’ll sigh to Casey’s crooning, be dazzled by John’s guitar wizardry, and charmed by David’s….well, David.

You do like fun, don’t you?

Bob Stane says: I nag these guys until they give in and do a night for me. Maybe once a year
if I "have something" on them and they carve out a night. This time a Tuesday. That is how busy they are.
This is real music (professionals and then some) and charming wit. It is why it is called, "The Entertainment Business."

This is the show you want to bring friends and relatives in to demonstrate
the talent and class of The Coffee Gallery Backstage. They, and you, will become
addicts. The first one may not be free but at $20 a real bargain. These guys are delightful and good for what ails you.

Thursday January 25 7:00 P.M. $10 cash or check. No credit cards, no reservations. Just show up.

David Harvey Presents…….FEATURING:


Skip Heller & Birdie Jones...Roots meets Soul is how I describe Skip Heller. Skip is one of Los Angeles’ most wide-ranging artists. He's played with NRBQ, Stan Ridgway, Yma Sumac, Phil Alvin, Cannibal and The Headhunters, Rick Danko, Big Jay McNeely, and many many more. Skip always brings a big roots rocking sound and guitar virtuosity to his shows. http://www.carnivalofsoulmusic.com/

Birdie Jones is a powerhouse vocalist and songwriter whose music comes from a deep and real place. She's Soulful, twangy and honest. After establishing herself as a blues vocalist around the LA bar scene, she decided to form her own band focus on the classic soul style that she had loved since her teens. When she added pedal steel guitar, she quickly found herself in demand in the roots/Americana clubs. In 2017, she called noted LA roots auteur Skip Heller to produce an EP. He put together an all-star band band and turned them loose on five Birdie originals -- “Songs about heartbreak from boys, struggles with addiction, gospel inspiration, crushes on boys, fatherly abandonment, more break ups with boys, and all sorts of other things about boys. Did I mention boys?”. http://www.birdiejones.com/

Marc Platt...has been a singer-songwriter playing in and around Los Angeles since 1980. He fronted Los Angeles Power-pop band The Real Impossibles in the 1980's and had chart success with that band and several other projects since. His new record 'Big City' is a return to those rock roots and will be released in April, 2018.

Bill Burnett…. has been a lot of things in life-- a starving artist, ad guy, creative director for big entertainment corporations, creator and producer of TV shows, freelance writer. But deep deep down all along, he has always been a songwriter.
Bette Midler covered one of the songs Bill co-wrote with Peggy Sarlin. It's called "I Regret Everything" and is a send-up of Edith Piaf's famous Je ne regret rien. The song brought down the house in big arenas all over the world as part of Bette's "Divine Miss Millennium" tour. And it's been covered by about twenty singers, including the amazing Patti Lupone. Bill has also written songs and comic material for Tim Curry, Rodney Dangerfield, Wayne Brady, George Segal, Fred Flintstone, Pebbles, Bamm Bamm, Woody Woodpecker and Casper the Friendly Ghost, to name but a few.


And Special Guest..."A Word" With Dylan Brody!
Dylan Brody is an award winning playwright, a thrice published author, a humorist and a story-teller. He's a writer for the Huffington Post and a new contributor to NPR's OffRamp on KPCC. http://dylanbrody.com

Saturday January 27 7:00 P.M. $20 JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOUR BOYS…. Bob Stane says: We bring this ragtime, early jazz, Tin Pan Alley gang back over and over. Find out why. Guaranteed to please.

JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOUR BOYS…Gracing the stage of The Coffee Gallery Backstage.
She will be bring her biggest musical guns in the form of John Reynolds, Corey Gemme, Marquis Howell and Randy Worltz. It does not get any better
with extreme wit being added to the songs and playing of the best in the business. Always a full house. Always more fun and music that you might expect.
Ukulele Chanteuse Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys will bring you a rollicking feast for the ears, eyes and heart! Janet and her distinctive musician pals bring to life "Obscure, Naughty and Lovely tunes of the 1910s, 20s & 30s, delivering a bundle of spirited and inspired renditions of cleverly fun but forgotten Tin Pan Alley, early hot jazz, saucy bits and late ragtime gems. Adding to the band's already extensive repertoire these merrymakers zestfully branch into obscure vaudeville and Vitaphone numbers, Hawaiian, Yiddish novelty tunes, French and Italian knock-out ballads. Watch our for the Charming and Alarming Ms. Klein! Ho Do Dee Do! Hotsy Totsy

SUNDAY January 28 7:00 PM $20 ANDY CORWIN and THE HONEY-LULUS…..back for their fourth encore. SONG, DANCE, FUNNYBONE EXERCISE and lovely South Seas picking’.

Tropical breezes will be blowing in Altadena on the last Sunday in January when Andy Corwin and The Honey-Lulus return to The Coffee Gallery Backstage….

Andy Corwin is an Austin, Texas-based musician, singer and songwriter with a gentle style, a warped sense of humor and outrageous repertoire of folk, bluegrass and country tunes. An alumni of the 90's political satire group, The Foremen, Andy is currently a member of the renowned 1960's vocal trio, The Limeliters, and the Nashville-based comedy duo, actual size.

The Honey-Lulus (Kate Friedricks, Justeen Ward and Christina Linhardt) are three charming and talented wahines who will perform vintage songs of the islands and dance like the swaying palms, live and in color. They promise to make your "retro tiki" dreams come true with their ukuleles and vocal harmonies that conjure up warm breezes, happy hukilaus and sunny shores – the perfect entertainment extravaganza!

Thursday February 1 8:00 P.M. $20

SALTY SUITES..... Scott Gates, Chuck Hailes and Chelsea Williams with David Starr OPENING THE SHOW…they live in the world of live acoustic music, sharing a passion for roots and bluegrass, as well as select songs of their own and quality cuts they discover out in tithe world.. Scott Gates is as close to a musical prodigy on the mandolin as you will ever meet and now plays guitar with the same fire and brilliance. Scott, an incredible performer has been a mainstay at festivals and stages throughout the southwest for many years and holds a special place in his heart for people he sees year after year. Having performed all over the country and with artists as varied as John McEuen, Nathan McEuen, Ed Helms, Steve Martin, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kenny Loggins and a virtual Who's-Who of bluegrass players, Scott appeared last year on the Ellen Show with Steve Martin, recorded with Kenny Loggins on his soon-to-be-released family album, which was picked up by Disney. Partner in this new venture, Chuck Hailes, is one of the top bass players in the country, schooled in classical and jazz bass playing and techniques. Chuck writes his own music and has teamed with Scott to create many new musical gems. With his background in bluegrass music, and degree in the Upright Bass, Chuck sings and plays in a way that is uniquely his own. Chelsea Williams has been writing and performing her own music since she was 13 years old. While some of her early songs are still hits with her fans, she has continued to develop as a writer penning nearly 100 original songs to date. Chelsea currently makes her living by playing on the street for tips and selling a home-made demo, having sold thousands of CDs in recent months, one-by-one, simply on her own on the street. Her magnetic presence draws them in and her songs set the hook. Together they are simply amazing and electrifying, The Salty Suites ask you to lend them your ears…..rising to ever prominent heights of song and entertainment.

With Arkansas roots and Colorado wings, David Starr has been making music since the age of 10. He is an Americana singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with hundreds of live shows and seven releases under his belt both as a solo artist, duo artist and member of the David Starr Band.

Friday February 2 8:00 P.M. $20

TISH HINOJOSA...is a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. Hinojosa’s blend of folk, country, Latino, and pop has an undeniable far reaching appeal, garnering her accolades such as a White House concert at the invitation of President and Mrs. Clinton and teaming up with artists such as Joan Baez, Booker T. Jones, Flaco Jimenez, Pete Seeger, and Dwight Yoakam. Hint: She is well connected for a reason. "A talented songwriter with an understated but utterly unaffected delivery...vivid...touching...pointed...playful...engaging. A a rare gift for melody that's perfect for Hinojosa's lovely, relaxed soprano."- THE WASHINGTON POST. http://www.mundotish.com She records as an independent artist as well as for A&M, Warner Bros, and Rounder Records and has been a featured artist on Austin City Limits, A Prairie Home Companion and other NPR programs. HINT: There is a reason for this.

With sixteen CDs to her name, Tish’s distinct sound has gained her much critical acclaim. Her latest CD After The Fair, released in 2013, was recorded in Germany and is reflective of her 9 years spent in the Beatles old stomping grounds in Hamburg. Tish tours extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe and continues to draw a loyal and growing audience. HINT: There is a reason for this.

TISH HINOJOSA..has headlined shows at The Coffee Gallery Backstage Shows about 6 times over the last 10 years. Her exotic popularity keeps her in Europe most of the time but she is happy to spread her joy at The Coffee Gallery Backstage whenever she can travel the 6,000 miles to entertain on the stage of our cozy coffee bistro. She wants you in the audience.
Video...Tish Hinojosa - On The Edge Of A Dream (Acoustic Video). Tish Hinojosa - I'm Not Through Loving You Yet (Official Video).

Tish Hinojosa - Derechos De El Corazon (Official Video. Tish Hinojosa - The Kitchen Table (Official Video).

Saturday afternoon February 3 3:00 P.M. $20 The Show: THE BEST OF THE ROADHOUSE SET TWO-AFTER THE FLOOD (February 3 issue)

It was a night of history. On January 11th 2018, as the water came flooding into The Coffee Gallery Backstage, some of the finest artist in L.A. were on stage performing great American roots music for the 1st Anniversary show of The Roadhouse Series. Little did anyone known, a busted water line on the avenue outside had caused water to seep into the venue. As the first historic set was coming to an end and we drank the last of the musical waters, our Big Kahuna, Bob Stane, took to his canoe and, megaphone in hand, called out for evacuation, while the fire department broke down the doors. As performer, writer, photographer and songwriter, Paul Zollo described it on his Facebook page:

“With Neil Rosengarden in the spirit of those valiant Titanic musicians, we would play till the end. We heard Bob Stane telling everyone to "please evacuate now before you get electrocuted!" I yelled, in mid-song, "Save yourself!" Something I so rarely say during a song. I loved how Neil Rosengarden - although we were going down with the ship quickly - played so beautifully! And he played the very last notes of the song “Whispering Hope” by The Band- as Bob Stane urged us to ‘STOP ALREADY!’

This was at the end of the first half of Terry Paul Roland's Best of the Roadhouse series. It was half of one of the best shows ever!”

So, in the spirit of Americana determination and our ability to overcome articles, we will present The Best of The Roadhouse-Set Two: After the Flood. Included in the festivities will be our fearless Captain Roberto Stane, to guide through the perilous waters of The Coffee Gallery Backstage as artists like our faithful host Patrick Carrico, Chad Watson, the Titanic Legends-Paul Zollo & Neil Rosengarden, Pam Loe, RJ Chesney, Emily Zuzik, Levi Petree, Kassidy Heal, Robbie Mangiardi, Eddie Hedges, and Dwight Payne re-group with life boats and great songs to bring us to shore with the second set of this historic show. Also along for the voyage will be other artists from the first set and those who were ill and escaped the perils of the January 11th Day of the Flood show. This will be a full show with $10.00 discount coupons for the survivors of the first set. Proceeds will go toward the fearless band and the water-logged venue via our Captain. But, be forewarned because you never know what’s going to happen at The Coffee Gallery Backstage and The Roadhouse Series. Just as a precaution, you may want to bring your swim suit! See you there!




The Coffee Gallery Backstage native sons, THE LICATA BROTHERS, are back for 2018 with ambitious plans and a growing catalog of new material as well as some those favorite tunes you never thought you would hear again performed live. Elder brother JIMMY LICATA has just finished his first semester at the prestigious Cal State Northridge Music Industry Studies and looks forward to applying some new “tricks of the trade”. Just back from the NAMM show, he and capable crooner TONY LICATA are hard at work on the THIRD CD and have a full program in store (with a few surprises, of course), all brought to you with some of their favorite musical colleagues.

CARBE AND DURAND – Liza Carbé and J.P. Durand have bridged the worlds of classical and blues guitar for well over 20 years now. This married couple and professional partnership has traveled to China and, as co-founders of the "world guitar" group (and Coffee Gallery Backstage favorite) INCENDIO, perform over 130 dates a year. This dynamic duo have also mentored THE LICATA BROTHERS and now collaborate regularly with them on musical projects – an explosive blend of youthful exuberance and world-class guitar mastery is definitely on tap for this special evening performance!

NEIL ROSENGARDEN with his amazing versatility on keyboards, guitar and trumpet, opens the musical floodgates for a rollicking, multi-genre cavalcade of auditory adventures. As the elder statesman on this bill, Neil rounds out an exciting lineup spanning three generations of musical talent – not to be missed!

Sunday February 4 7:00 P.M. $20 THE JANGLE BROTHERS
John York, Billy Darnell & Chad Watson

The best music this side of Bob Dylan and the Band.
Guitar heaven with former members of the BYRDS.

JOHN YORK is a former member of the legendary Byrds, and currently touring with Barry McGuire. He has played with P.F. Sloan, The Mamas and the Papas, Dr. John, Johnny Rivers, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, The Sir Douglas Quintet, Nicky Hopkins, and Blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins.

BILLY DARNELL, who played guitar for the Gene Clark Byrds, The Everly Brothers, Dr. John, Doug Kershaw, and Roger McGuinn,

CHAD WATSON, amazing bass player for Janis Ian, Delaney Bramlett, Charlie Rich, Freddy Fender and countless other artists.
Thursday February 8 8:00 P.M. $20 THE NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS… is a tidy bundle of energy, talent, experience, and musical joy. The Notable Exceptions sound is a potpourri of folk, western, and novelty tunes, all delivered with finely-crafted vocal harmony. Their original tunes are lighthearted and conversational. For accompaniment, Judy's tasteful guitar is right on the button; Jennifer sweetens the sound with tidbits of harmonica, rhythm instruments, flutes and whistles. The result is fun, fresh, bold Americana. This delightful pair has been recognized by the International Western Music Association with the 2017 Marilyn Tuttle “Best of the Best” Harmony Award, and the 2015 Harmony Duo of the Year Award. Notable Exceptions is driven by a commitment to spreading joy and laughter through song. From their home “way out west where the sun sinks low,” these troubadours live half their life on the road. Don't miss them when they visit The Coffee Gallery Backstage for a great evening of story and song. You’re in for "Rootin' Tootin', Nose-Flutin' Fun!"
Friday February 9 8:00 P.M. $20 COCO DOLENZ and The Great American Song Book…. With ALEX JULES on keyboard.

Bob Stane says…last December we had this show as a matinee. It was a sensation and she packed the room full. A delightful show and Micky even dropped in for a song. We had a blast.

Coco Dolenz spent 2016 as a vital part of what the music media have termed the concert experience of the year—handling the background vocals for brother Micky Dolenz and fellow Monkees legend Peter Tork on The Monkees’ coast-to-coast 50th Anniversary tour. She continues to tour with Micky on his solo shows and the 50 Summers of Love Tour. Earlier this year, Coco performed “Songs on My Music Stand,” a sold-out show at Michael Feinstein’s “54 Below” in New York.

Says Coco, “‘Songs on My Music Stand’ represents songs I’ve performed for years, signature pieces, and ones I always wanted to do. They were on 'my stand' at home like one might have a ‘favorites’ file on their desktop. Lyrics to ‘I'm Still Here’ from ‘Follies’ were rewritten to reflect my personal journey and make the piece timely.
These songs have great personal significance to me, as well as messages and feelings I want to convey to my audience.”
Coco continues to appear often as a vocal artist in her own right in brother Micky’s successful solo shows. In these concerts, she delivers an awe-inspiring version of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘60s classic “White Rabbit” and sings a lovely duet with Micky on the great Carole King's Brill Building-era ballad "Cryin' in the Rain" as arranged for Micky’s 2010 tribute album—King for a Day.

Performing songs from the American Song Book, some jazz, and a variety of surprises on December 2nd, come see Coco’s wonderful show, filled with stories, poignant and humorous. She would love to meet you.

Accompanied by the talented ALEX JULES on Keyboard.

Saturday February 10 7:00 P.M. $18….a steal of a price. WHISKEY SUNDAY….is Patrick Rieger, Olivia Sandoval, Adam Hall, Liam Lewis and Vito Gutilla.

Although Los Angeles based, their sound is pure Midwestern-woods, at dusk. Whiskey Sunday combines their shared roots of Irish folk, with a hearty pour of Americana, Prairie winds, and river-side cabin hymns. In their music, you'll hear references of an older time. Bitter-sweet tragic stories hidden in joyful harmonies. Whiskey Sunday will bring the lake-house out in any Irish-American, folk lover. Music that asks you to pour something single-malt, sit on the porch, and sip reverently.
SUNDAY February 11 7:00P.M. $20 BIFFLE & SHOOSTER… with The Skid Row Society Orchestra...From Broadway and Hollywood: It's the classic comedy team Biffle & Shooster IN PERSON!

At last! Here's a chance to see the classic comedy team Biffle & Shooster IN PERSON – with favorite songs and routines - and NEW material too. And yes, they WILL be doing their Tribute to William Frawley . . . and the ukulele bit!
The movie career of the duo is the focus of the upcoming film “The Adventures of Biffle & Shooster”. Advance reviews have been ecstatic, with Planet Box Office calling the doc, helmed by film historian Michael Schlesinger, “An adept compilation showcase with newly-discovered rare footage sprinkled around a quartet of the duo’s best short subjects. The result: a comedy masterpiece!” Excitement surrounding the upcoming release – bursting into theaters later this year - has prompted Benny and Sammy to dust off the act and meet the new generations of fans who are discovering them for the first time. Biffle & Shooster’s new back-up band The Skid Row Society Orchestra features some of the snappiest musicians of our time: Randy Woltz, Corey Gemme and John Reynolds. Producer Michael Schlesinger and comedy experts Nick Santa Maria and Will Ryan will be on hand to add to the mirth.

“Benny Biffle & Sammy Shooster, stars of Broadway, film and radio, are back and better than ever!” – Manhattan 2nite


Tuesday February 13 8:00 P.M. $20


ReZist is ninety minutes of Roy Zimmerman’s original songs, a funny and forceful affirmation of Peace and Social Justice. “Sometimes I think satire is the most hopeful and heartfelt form of expression,” says Roy, “because in calling out the world's absurdities and laughing in their face, I'm affirming the real possibility for change.”

Roy’s songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime, and his videos have garnered tens of millions of views. He has recorded for Warner/Reprise Records. He's shared stages with Bill Maher, Ellen DeGeneres, Holly Near, Robin Williams, Arlo Guthrie, John Oliver, Kate Clinton and George Carlin, and tours the country constantly with his wife and co-writer Melanie Harby.

Two Nights: Wednesdays and Thursday

February 14


February 15

Shows at 8:00 P.M $20 per night. Bob Stane says: STRING FEVER is one of the top 5 acts I have ever presented on any stage and in any venue I have owned.  We get them but once per year as they perform all over The United States and 6 months per year in England and the rest of Europe. Their music is superb as they have a symphonic discipline and background in London.

If you have seen, and heard, them before at The Coffee Gallery Backstage you know of their staggering talent at both music and wit. An amazing stage show that will leave you gasping. I suggest an immediate reservation.
But make sure you attend. Put this show firmly on your Social and Entertainment Calendar. The price of $20 is ridiculously low but that is what they want. Great music at a more than reasonable price. You would pay $75 at any bowl show. Maybe more.

Instead of continuing to badger you I suggest that you view their Web Page and watch and listen to their you tubes. First I recommend you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5KY7G1C26o
which is them doing the James Bond theme while skiing. Really. They are skiing and doing other devil may care stunts. On the side of the page will be other you tubes. Click on them. If that does
not get you on your phone to make reservations, nothing will. Someone else will get your seat. They will be here for two nights in February. February 14 and February 15. 8:00 P.M. shows.

You have been told and warned. You lose if you stay home. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5MLNMgpywk

STRINGFEVER – a genetically modified electric string quartet from London, 3 brothers and 1 cousin, custom made 5 and 6 stringed instruments famed for ‘The History of Music in Five Minutes’ – forty tunes packed into five minutes and Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ – played on one cello by all four simultaneously! Talented, charismatic and funny….. Seeing is believing! 30,000 US hits on YouTube in 3 weeks! Listen to James Bond theme tunes Stringfever style and await the beat boxing prowess of the youngest brother…. Stringfever are an act not to be missed! Web Page: www.stringfever.co.uk


We're very excited to announce the return of Deja Vu performing the music of CSN&Y at the Coffee Gallery Backstage on Sunday, February 18th for a special matinee show!

This particular show will be unique in that it will be performed all acoustically! When Crosby, Stills and Nash initially came together in 1968 and wrote the material for their first album, they would travel around to their friends houses in Laurel Canyon and perform the songs from start to finish using only acoustic guitars and their voices.

This show will be very much like that, the only exception being that we will be performing a greatest hits set which spans throughout the entire career of the iconic supergroup's nearly 50 year career.

You'll hear all of your favorites, Helplessly Hoping, Teach Your Children, Guinnevere, Down By the River, Love the One You're With, Just a Song Before I Go, Wooden Ships, Ohio, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Marrakesh Express, Deja Vu, Southern Man.......and many, many more!

Distilling this material down to the most basic elements allows the beauty of the 3 and 4 part harmonies to shine through, and also showcases the intricate guitar parts and alternate tunings that are present in the songs. So please mark your calendars and make your plans to join us for this very special matinee presentation of the music of Crosby, Stille, Nash & Young!

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18 7:00 P.M. $20



Americana singer-songwriter McMains and friends, including Coffee Gallery's own Donna Barnes-Roberts is coming to the Coffee Gallery on Sunday evening February 18.to celebrate the release of McMains' first solo album since the acclaimed Guitar Love release in 2011. His I Walk Alone can be heard in the Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman movie The Switch, and his first single off his new CD, Diplomatic Immunity, Don't Say Goodnight Tonight reached number one on the Airplay Express' Top 40 this past December.
(Singer-Songwriter McMains’ Don’t Say Goodnight Tonight Airplay Express’ number one single this past December.)
Born in Washington DC to a father in the diplomatic services, he spent his early years in Saigon, Vienna and Paris. Dad carried a pistol, Mick says. I have a diplomatic passport to this day.

A descendent of Devil Anse Hatfield (of the legendary American folklore clans and the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys) on his father’s mother’s side, McMains is truly a man of this country!

Not easily pinned down to a genre early on, he's toured Europe as bassist with punk band The Generators, spent two years as vocalist for Earl Slick's band, spent another two as the lead guitarist with Englishman John Wicks’ The Records and was involved with the art music ensemble DJ Monkey, co-producing two of their critically acclaimed albums. Bob Stane says: Go to his web page and read the bio and a lot of good info…. www.MickMcMains.com

Recently McMains’ Don’t Say Good Night Tonight reached the #1 spot (most downloaded cut) on the Airplay Express Tom 40 chart. He has also landed film placements with his recording of “I Walk Alone” in The Switch, starring Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman; and with “Sexy, Sexy” in the film Hard Breakers.


Friday February 23 8:00 pm.  $15

The Hainings from Branson, MO

From their musical beginnings at a local jam in northwest Minnesota, Americana band The Hainings was formed in 2004. Since then, their love for music and performing has grown to become a full-time career, spanning almost 15 years, producing five full-length albums, and taking them coast-to-coast throughout the United States. This six piece ensemble has entertained at festivals, theaters, house concerts, and more, including multiple invitations to perform at the internationally acclaimed theme park, Silver Dollar City.

The name Haining is a Scottish word meaning “the preserving of”. Thus, The Hainings are a team of professional entertainers, now based in Branson, Missouri, committed to preserving and perpetuating the Great American Tradition of acoustic music. The Hainings perform a modern folk style with influences from the classic sounds of the 20th century. Ranging from Folk/Roots to Bluegrass to Swiss-style Yodeling, their strong vocal harmonies, instrumental versatility, and energetic performance style creates an entertaining and engaging experience for audiences of all ages.

In December of 2017, The Hainings released their fifth album, titled Chasing A Dream, featuring a blend of Americana favorites and original songs with a down-to-earth perspective. For more information about The Hainings, visit: www.HainingsBand.com

The Hainings have toured in Southern California for several years but they will be making their first ever appearance at The Coffee Gallery Backstage on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 8:00pm.  Tickets are just $15.00 and, as always, seating is limited so call (626) 798-6236 for reservations! You will not want to miss this exciting show!!

MARCH 2018
From the alleyways of old town Riverside come the sounds of old world folk-pop that broke free from the early ages of music and skipped through time to find it's way into our modern world. The songs combine western, old folk, and ragtime into a musical melting pot, creating an alluring sound that "transcends time and continents."
During live performances, Mikhailovna is accompanied by a group of musicians whom are known as the "Vagabonds". The Vagabonds consist of accordion, bass, percussion, trumpets, violins, piano, and other various instruments, although more commonly the band can be found playing as a four piece group. Currently, Mikhailovna is accompanied by long time members Alan Arteaga, Jasmine Capitulo (accordion) and Jacob Pflum (percussion). The band continues building it's sound from the foundations of old time music and melancholy story-telling, bending the laws of traditional songwriting and sound. "The main intriguing factor about The Vagabond Tales is the inexplicit chameleon effect of ageless mood,” writes Independent Feedback Blog. The music is continuing to extend its fan base across the United States, while Mikhailovna is writing and arranging more pieces for the future, touring, and performing all around the west coast. "The natural evolution of their sound will be one to look out for, because they are one sleeper hit group that can go somewhere." (Independent Feedback Blog).


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