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JUNE 2018
Thursday June 21 7:00 P.M. $20


“Woman, it’s all one flow, like a stream, little eddies, little waterfalls, but the river, it goes right on. Woman looks at it like that.” Ma Joad from Grapes of Wrath-John Steinbeck.

Our June edition of The Roadhouse Series will focus on the contributions women singer-songwriters have made on the American music of the last 100 years. With today’s current Americana music scene as our starting point, we will explore many of the artists most important to the music that has played such a great part in our lives. Artists honored will include Emmylou Harris, Iris Dement, Rosanne Cash, Joni Mitchell, Mary Gauthier, Mother Maybelle Carter, Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Julie Miller and many more. The performers that will share the Roadhouse this month bill will be Coyote Sky, Manda Mosher, KP Hawthorn, Pam Loe, Rj Chesney, Diego Garcia, Karman Jeanne, Dolly Ramirez, Aireene Espiritu, Annette Conlon and the Muse River Band including Al Bonhomme, Alex U’ren, Owen Goldman and Neil Rosengarden. Come join us as we celebrate musical artists who are, as John Lennon said, “the other half of the sky.”

FRIDAY: JUNE 22 8:00 P.M. $20


Simon is a shantyman and fiddler, with a wide repertoire of nautical, historical, and original music. Simon is at home on fiddle, banjo, Chinese erhu, and other instruments. Since the 1970’s, Simon has performed at festivals, museums, and concerts throughout North America and twelve European countries. For years, Simon was a fixture at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires, as a musician and show director. Simon has served as a crew member aboard the sailing vessels Zawisza Czarny, Elissa, Niagara, Pioneer, and others, including trips across the Atlantic and Baltic. A native Californian, Simon now resides in North Carolina.


Don’t miss Simon in this rare Southern California appearance! For more information, check out Simon’s website:



SATURDAY JUNE 23 7:00 P.M. $25



Played with WINGS. Close your eyes and you'll hear 3 guitarists…Open them and you'll see one inspired solo player!!!! Laurence Juber is considered to be one of the leading acoustic guitarists of our generation. His masterful fingerstyle playing combines elements of jazz, blues, rock and folk with a distinctive voice that transcends musical boundaries. See him perform and you will understand why Paul McCartney hand-picked him to become lead guitarist for Wings. This is a show for all musical tastes.

"The moods he can pull out of a single Martin acoustic are pretty astounding"- Guitar Player magazine

"One of the most gifted and versatile fingerstyle guitarists on the scene"
- Acoustic Guitar Magazine. "Stunning fretwork" - Fingerstyle Guitar.

"A provocative guitar perspective" - L.A.Times

"A rather spectacular guitarist …..Amazing and innovative creativity"
- L.A. Jazz Scene

more info at: www.laurencejuber.com

SUNDAY JUNE 24 7:00 P.M. $20


…..not Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, but the 3Bs of our shared musical experience in the 60’s and early 70’s: the Byrds,
the Beatles and the Band.

Ex-Byrd John York is a survivor of the perilous days of
Rock & Roll, the last pure voice of the silver sixties to
make it into the 21st century.

Thursday, th., June 28 7PM. $15 cover at the door (cash) - All Ages - No Reservations David Harvey Presents….Awesome performers are bringing their best to the David Harvey Presents showcase.

H2NES…. is Tom Hubbard & Ken Holme; two men who both have last names that begin with H, and write tunes. Tom and Ken both sing. Ken Plays guitar. We’ve been asked, “Do you consider yourselves a comedy act, or a harmony vocal duo?” We answer, in unison, “Yes!” Our friend Randall Kirby observed, “You guys have a lot of fun on stage!” Who do we sound like? Draw a triangle. Put The Smothers Brothers in one corner, Simon and Garfunkel in the 2nd corner, and Frank Zappa in third corner. Somewhere in the middle of that triangle is where H2nes belongs. Our influences also include Warren Zevon; Crosby Stills, Nash and (sometimes) Young; The Kingston Trio; Pat Paulsen, George Carlin, Steve Goodman, Utah Phillips, and others too numerous to mention. It all started the night Marcel Marceau left us. Tom wanted to pay tribute to him, needed a guitar player, and asked Ken to play along one night at Kulak’s Woodshed. They went back stage, figured out the chords and later performed “The Sound of Silence” in honor of M. Marceau. The rest is fairly recent history. https://www.facebook.com/H2nes-159196800920656/

Annie Boxell….Do you love those great women songwriters like Carole King and Carly Simon who wrote timeless songs that blended folk into rock with a little pop? Annie Boxell honed her killer songwriting skills over a decade of playing in Charleston South Carolina with her band "The Vicious Circle". Her bluesy songs channel gospel, pop, and rock with powerhouse hooks and melodies. Since moving to Los Angeles Annie has been a regular in the LA music scene in notable showcases such as Top-Tune and Songwriters-Square. You've got to come out and hear her.

Emily Zuzik…. is a wonderful vocalist and Los Angeles singer-songwriter and guitarist by way of San Francisco, Austin, and New York City. She’s toured acoustically, led rock bands, co-written with songwriters and electronica producers alike and licensed many works for TV and film. She has released seven records and toured across the US and UK. Emily is an Epiphone Guitars endorsed artist and active member of the Los Angeles songwriting scene performing in several of the popular Roadhouse shows at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. She’s currently working with Ted Russell Kamp on a new record—a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll. http://www.emilyzuzik.com/

And Special Guest… "A Word" With Suzanne Whang! Suzanne Whang is a television host, actor, stand-up comedian, emcee, keynote speaker, political activist, minister, radio host, published author, and stage 4 breast cancer thriver. In her spare time, she sleeps. Suzanne has appeared in numerous television shows and films, lots of comedy shows, and she has been telling stories over the past five years. Very good stories. She brings smarts, style, satire and sense to the world and she makes you laugh too. Suzanne kicks ass. Most of all, she always brings LOVE. www.suzannewhang.com

FRIDAY JUNE 29 8:00 P.M. $18



Marty and Severin hold down stage-left for the six-man songwriter collective Tall Men Group. And when Severin and Marty sing together as a duo, playing guitar and keyboards, they’re known as The Severly Brothers.
Severin Browne is a sought-after guest in many singer-songwriter festivals and shows, and is regarded as one of the most delightful performers in the Los Angeles area. His brilliant lyrics invite listeners into the songs while his solid melodies carry the story from one note to the next.

Berry Gordy offered Severin a staff songwriting deal just as Motown was moving to Hollywood. Six months later, Severin signed with Motown Records as an artist and made two LPs. Severin’s Moo Records title "From the Edge of the World” included songs used in the indie film "Plan B" starring Jon Cryer, and in the Japanese classic “My Friend Totoro”. Severin’s next CDs, “This Twisted Road” and “Lucky Man”, were produced by Ed Tree. Severin teaches guitar and songwriting. For more information see www.severinbrowne.com.

Marty Axelrod is the keyboardist for Tall Men Group, for whom he has written such fan favorites as “I Made Fire”, “9 Cats” and “The South”.
Marty’s songs have been recorded by the likes of Judy Collins, folk legend Theodore Bikel, blues powerhouse Linda Hopkins, the country band Emerson Drive, and indie powerhouse Kelly Fitzgerald.

Marty’s songs have adorned the soundtracks of HBO’s “True Blood”, “Friday Night Lights”, and a truly terrible Patrick Swayze movie…but Mr. Swayze did dance to his song! Marty is proud to have produced and co-written, with Nicole Gordon, the critically-acclaimed concept album “Songs of Shiloh”. He also wrote the songs for “Emperor Norton the Musical”, which had four successful runs in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
As a keyboardist, Marty has recently lent his stylings to records by Leslie Beauvais, Jaynee Thorne, Laura Zucker and Britta Lee Shain, and to live performances by Allan Rich, Theater Sports, Aireene Espiritu, Brian Woodbury and many more. As a man, his proudest accomplishments are a 35-year marriage and two amazing kids. Please search YouTube Marty Axelrod to hear/see his work.

JOHN M: "I'm talking music that's bursting with heart, soul, passion and brains and guts. He brings a rocker's passion and energy to the whole singer/songwriter thing. - Butlers Coffee
Something we need to hear in today’s music!” American Songwriter Magazine.

John will be performing a mix of new & unrecorded songs as well as fan favorites like “My mother in me” & “I Believe in America.” John has a welcoming and engaging stage presence and will be accompanied by legendary bass player and L.A. favorite…..CHAD WATSON .

SATURDAY JUNE 30 7:00 P.M. $20


A Celebration of the 60s-From Liverpool to L.A.




Come hear one of L.A.’s premiere classic rock bands perform the Greatest Hits of the Greatest icons of the 60s including The Byrds, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Buffalo Springfield, The Animals, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. You won’t hear this combination of songs recreated live with many other bands on the concert circuit. It is a full menu and you will leave fulfilled!

The Broken Arrow Band, fronted by veteran L.A. rock musician, Crist Moshos, will take you on a unique musical tour from Liverpool to L.A. with many stops in between. The band is tight, original and passionate in these songs played to near-perfection. It is an entertaining show that will bring back memories even as The Broken Arrow Band re-creates the vitality and classic beauty of the best of one of the most unique eras in American music.

Make your reservations now for what is sure to be a sold-out show!

JULY 2018



An evening of music inspired by gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and the traditional musics of Europe. TRAVEL THE MUSICAL WORLD WITH US.

"The Jimmy Grant Ensemble performs primarily in the style of Django Reinhardt, infusing swing era pieces, original work, and traditional gypsy tunes with the jazz guitar pioneer’s crunchy rhythms and hot harmonies. Jimmy Grant was recently a finalist in the John Lennon songwriting competition for his original song “Insomnia,” and also had an interview with Guitar World for his “5 in 5″ project, in which he wrote five different songs in five days. His style synthesizes a rich blend of Russian folk, bluegrass, celtic and classical music while remaining true to Django’s innovative guitar technique. The Jimmy Grant Ensemble will bring together two guitars, bass, and violin in an intimate yet energy-charged performance."

Barrio Manouche is an acoustic San Francisco-based international septet (Spain, Quebec, France, Brasil and California) playing music that will take you on a magical journey, frequently joined by artists from around the globe.

The San Francisco based ensemble has been recognized for its surprise concerts, innovative style, complex technique, and their passion for their musical improvisation.
The band performs a repertoire of original instrumental compositions with a unique sound that it's difficult to classify but instantly recognizable deeply influenced by a range of musical traditions, from the swing of Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, to the hot jazz of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli,the gypsy soul of eastern europe, the flamenco of Paco de Lucía to the avant-garde sounds of Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane...

Thursday July 5 7:00 P.M. $20 The Show: The Roadhouse Series Presents
The 5th of July-Songs of America

For the July edition of the Roadhouse Series we’ll be honoring America. Remember America? The Home of the Brave the Land of the Free? Yes! That America. Be ready for some musical fireworks! It is time to come together, from every walk of life to celebrate together the music of our great country. This will include patriotic songs, ballads, hymns, songs of protest, songs of glory, songs of tragedy and songs of tragedy. You’ll hear it in the music of our land from Irving Berlin to Woody Guthrie. We’ll cover songs like “American Pie,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” "God Bless America" “Born in the U.S.A.” and “Rockin in the Free World.”

Through our music, through every genre, we celebrate our independence, our diversity and the ingenious music that has led us through our near 250 years of history. From blues, country and folk to rock, soul and jazz, it’s the music that has brought us together.

So, come on along to continue the 4th of July for an extra day with the Roadhouse Series…Because, wherever there’s a 4th of July, there’s always a 5th.

Appearing will be Roadhouse host, singer-songwriter, Patrick Carrico and our special guest, one of the founding members of the premiere pioneer Americana band, Lone Justice, Marvin Etzioni. Also appearing will be our house band, The Boys of the 5th with Owen Goldman, Chad Watson, Neil Rosengarden, and Al Bonhomme. Featured artists include the very best of the Roadhouse cast Joel Bennett, Aireene Espiritu, Nicholas Guzman, Kassidy Heal, Karman Jeanne, The Licata Brothers, Pam Loe, Robbie Mangiardi, Crist Moshos, Levi Petree, Tim Tedrow, Paul Zollo and Emily Zuzik.


FRIDAY JULY 6 8:00 P.M. $20






Blending the tastes and styles of ten different women, The Merry Wives of Windsor is a unique kind of folk band. Our repertoire includes traditional folk tunes from the British Isles, classical music from the European Renaissance, and wholly original songs by the band’s own members. The result is a thrilling, energetic sound with rich 3-and-4-part vocal harmonies, and balanced by accompanying instrumentation that pulls from traditional Irish and Bluegrass sounds. : "The Wives' harmonies are exquisite!" - Music Connection Magazine.

Saturday July 7 7:00 P.M. $20

The BEATUNES......


bring together four of So.Cal’s top musicians - solely to honor and play as faithfully to the recordings as possible - the timeless and spirit-lifting music of The Beatles. The BEATUNES continue to increase their repertoire and precision in replicating the sound of The Beatles. From the early "Fab Four" days to the final recordings, band members constantly search for new ways to bring more realism to the sound; every sound you hear at a BEATUNES concert is played live by the band.

No tracks. It's done live. It's done right.There’s some kind of Magic in the air, and in The Music.

No wigs. No costumes. Simply enjoy the timeless music of the band that rocked history.

For music that transcends the generations, join us for The Beatles respectfully done right.

Sunday July 8 2:00 P.M.


Matinee show

SIMON LYNGE….big international star.

Rolling Stone described Simon Lynge’s debut album as “one of the most memorable and melodic debut albums in recent years..” and he toured with Emmylou Harris after she fell in love with the Greenlandic singer/songwriter’s music. Born in Denmark and raised in Greenland, Simon spent his childhood as a shepherd in the small village of Alluitsoq in Southern Greenland with a population of 40 people.

Simon Lynge's music has a way of captivating one's soul, at once melodic and beautiful, yet powerful in its presence and boldness.
His lyrics are poetic, and speak candidly from personal experience, sometimes of inner darknesses and existential challenges. Astute
observations of our world and humanity weave their way into his songs, and a real perception of the beauty of life lends to buoy the
listener into a joyful space, even in the midst of deep sorrows.

Listen to “Hallelujah” on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIHpeaHJJ9s from Simon Lynge’s most recent album “The Map Of Your Life”, which was nominated as ‘Best Pop Album’ by Independent Music Awards in 2018. www.simonlyngemusic.com

Sunday July 8 7:30 P.M. $20



are both living legends in the world of Hawaiian slack key and acoustic steel guitar. They strive for freshness and spontaneity in their duet shows and include musical influences that go beyond the islands to the world of blues, folk, ragtime and jazz.

Both have played on a number Grammy-winning records. Ken played on the first-ever winner in the Grammy’s Hawaiian category as well Donald Fagen’s ( of Steely Dan) Grammy-winning “Morph The Cat”. He has performed with Hawaiian slack key legends such as Gabby Pahinui, Moe Keale and Raymond Kane and his many other touring/ recording credits include Jackson Browne, Pablo Crusie, Boz Scaggs, Charlie Musselwhite ,Elvin Bishop and members of the Grateful Dead. Besides his solo slack key career, Kimo has been the recording and touring guitarist with the world’s most famous musical satirist, “Weird Al” Yankovic whose last CD, “Mandatory Fun” debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and won the Grammy for Best Comedy Recording.




Thursday July 12 8:00 P.M. $20

GRAMMY Award-winning Guitarist ED GERHARD (super star act. Famous in film). Web Site Address: edgerhard.com

“…his recordings and live performances have established him as one of the most exciting of the guitarist composers.” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

From Tokyo to Rome and venues across the US, Ed Gerhard’s music has touched audiences all over the world. Performing on 6-string, slide guitar or Acoustic Weissenborn slide guitar, Gerhard’s virtuosity, generosity and humor shine through. His distinctive touch is unmistakable. Whether performing a lush sensual ballad or a haunting, bitter lap steel melody Gerhard will mesmerize. His connection with his audience is palpable.

Gerhard’s releases have all received high praise from critics and guitar fans world wide, including the Boston Globe’s “Top Ten Albums of the Year.” Ed’s CD “Luna” was chosen for Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s 20th Anniversary List of 240 Essential Albums. “This soulful album of original compositions rich in melody, chordal complexity and stylistic variety proves why Gerhard is considered to have the most exquisite acoustic guitar tone on the planet“

Gerhard was awarded a GRAMMY for his inclusion on the compilation CD “Henry Mancini; Pink Guitar. He arranged and performed “Moon River. His guitar work can be heard on CDs by Arlo Guthrie, Jorma Kaukonen and is featured in the Ken Burns’ films “Mark Twain” and “The National Parks; America’s Best Idea.” Along with players like Ben Harper and David Lindley, Gerhard’s unique approach to the Weissenborn is playing a significant role in reinvigorating interest in this somewhat esoteric but beautiful instrument. Ed composes and arranges music for solo Weissenborn with beautiful melodies, complex chords and moving bass lines, unusual for an instrument that normally serves an accompaniment role.

“Gerhard’s two instrumental sets provided ample demonstrations of why critics have been so unstinting in their praise. An original musical voice, he has something to say; and says it with a rarely-heard clarity” - The Telegraph

Saturday July 14 7:00 P.M $20 THE MISKEY MOUNTAIN BOYS are a one-of-a-kind act that combine heartwarming comedy with virtuosic musicianship to create an unforgettable evening for their guests. Featuring their signature sound, Classgrazz, they blend elements of jazz and classical with traditional Bluegrass by incorporating such innovative elements as bluegrass cello, duo-style mandolin pieces, high energy slap-bass, blazing fiddle trios, stellar flatpicking and soaring vocals. Add in the joy and camaraderie of these longtime friends, and you have an energetic evening of fun and music you won’t soon forget.
Featuring the world class musicianship of JOHN MARSHALL, EVAN MARSHALL, DEBORAH KOLLGAARD, ALEX FINAZZO and, MICHELLE LYNSKEY, they’ve appeared in such venues as the HOLLYWOOD BOWL, DISNEYLAND, various POPS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRAS, and have been featured performers in radio, television and film, including THE OSCARS, THE EMMYS, A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, and a plethora of live events and soundtracks. http://miskeymountainboys.com/index.html
Sunday July 15 2:00 P.M. $20

LIVE FROM EARTH - BENATAR, the way you remember it.


LIVE FROM EARTH is America's hottest tribute to Pat Benatar. Best known for their hard-hitting, high-energy electric show the band travels nation-wide performing in tribute to one of
the most influential, female rock vocalists of all time. Live From Earth provides fans with exhilarating renditions of all Pat’s biggest hits including Heartbreaker, Hit Me With Your Best Shot,
Love Is A Battlefield, We Belong, Fire & Ice and so many more.

Now, for the first time, Live From Earth comes to the Coffee Gallery Backstage with a very intimate, acoustic concert. Following in the Backstage tradition of such tribute acts as The Long Run,
Led Zepagain, Deja Vu and Fortunate Son, Jill Marie Burke and Live From Earth take their explosive rock show and pair it down to the musical and vocal essentials. Like Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo
themselves, LFE’s unplugged concert brings us the raw guts of the songs and the stories behind them.

Fire & Ice - House Of Blues

Promo Compilation Video


Sunday July 15 7:00 P.M. $20



The Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere is a 15-20 member strong “wall of sound”. Based out of Los Angeles, this unique group performs at venues, clubs and festivals in and around the area, including their favorite Altadena spot – The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

From celebrity weddings to charity benefits and community events, audiences have responded with enthusiasm to their eclectic mix of rock and pop classics, original compositions and mash-ups. Who could resist a medley of your favorite classic TV Theme Songs sung while strummed on ukuleles? The group’s name is an affectionate and humorous homage to The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. The UOWH likes to have fun while entertaining their audiences, and their most recent exploit was a ukulele flash mob on the pedal boats in Echo Park Lake.
A diverse group from many different backgrounds, all members collaborate on arrangements, and double up on solos.

The Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere is featured in a new documentary, Strummers, currently in production.

Brit Rodriguez is known for her soulful, smoky voice that beautifully contrasts with the bright, colorful sound of her ukulele. As a musician, she is renowned for her lyrical content and melodic prowess. As a performer, audiences are captivated by her unique sense of humor and down to Earth personality. Influenced by late fifties R&B and nineties dance music, Brit is a hybrid of the raw, youthful energy of today and the great soul and folk divas of the past.


According to legendary producer and lyricist Kim Fowley, “John York is the last pure voice of the Silver Sixties to make it intact into the 21st Century” As an ex-Byrd, John is actively mining the deeply resonant connection to the music of Bob Dylan that the Byrds have maintained throughout their career.
This show will be a unique solo evening concert of Bob Dylan songs sung by an artist with personal and
deep historical connections to the music and muse of our recent and favorite Nobel Prize winner.
Don’t miss this one!
Saturday July 21 7:00 P.M. $20

JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOUR BOYS…. Bob Stane says: We bring this ragtime, early jazz, Tin Pan Alley gang back over and over. Find out why. Guaranteed to please.

JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOUR BOYS …Gracing the stage of The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

She will be bring her biggest musical guns in the form of John Reynolds, Corey Gemme, Marquis Howell and Randy Worltz. It does not get any better
with extreme wit being added to the songs and playing of the best in the business. Always more fun and music that you might expect. Always a full house.
Ukulele Chanteuse Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys will bring you a rollicking feast for the ears, eyes and heart! Janet and her distinctive musician pals bring to life "Obscure, Naughty and Lovely tunes of the 1910s, 20s & 30s, delivering a bundle of spirited and inspired renditions of cleverly fun but forgotten Tin Pan Alley, early hot jazz, saucy bits and late ragtime gems. Adding to the band's already extensive repertoire these merrymakers zestfully branch into obscure vaudeville and Vitaphone numbers, Hawaiian, Yiddish novelty tunes, French and Italian knock-out ballads. Watch our for the Charming and Alarming Ms. Klein! Ho Do Dee Do! Hotsy Totsy.

WEB PAGE…. http://www.janetklein.com/web/main.htm

Sunday July 22 7:00 P.M. $20

An Evening with Betsy O’Connell … A Comedic Cabaret

Direct from her sold-out one-woman stage play in the NoHo Arts District, Betsy is back! And she’s better than ever! Now - along with her piano accompanist on stage - Betsy sings many of your favorite standards, plus more original songs written especially for this show.
“An Evening with Betsy O’Connell … A Comedic Cabaret” is a parody of the self-indulgent one-person shows. Spend an evening with Betsy celebrating her many years in show business ... as she tells stories of Hollywood and Broadway, dishes on celebrities, discusses her demons, and shares her unique take on life. And it’s all done with lots of singing!
As she shares her triumphs and disappointments, Betsy will take you on a journey from satire to sensitivity as you get to know a woman who made it big ... well, almost.

“Completely fictional, yet ringing hilariously true, Betsy is a gem of a show.” - The Tolucan Times
“The music and lyrics absolutely complement the tone of the entire production. They are clever and hilarious.” - NoHoArtsDistrict.com
Betsy is played by singer/actress ROSANNE LIMERES. Rosanne is a member of the award-winning comedy improv troupe Slow … Children at Play, which recently won Best Ensemble Improv at the Valley Theater Awards and are now in their 20th season in the NoHo Arts District. Rosanne has done numerous commercials, indie films, and has appeared on the cult TV hits 1,000 Ways to Die on Spike TV, and Hack My Life on TruTV. As a singer, Rosanne’s talents have taken her all over the world, from Vancouver, to New Zealand and Japan.

Betsy’s accompanist is MICHAEL CHANSLOR. Michael is the musical director for actress/vocalist Susan Anton and has been since the 1980s. He has conducted and performed with comedian George Burns, jazz legend Buddy Greco, and members of the Beach Boys. Michael has made five appearances on NBC’s The Tonight Show as conductor and performer, and has appeared at major venues around the globe.


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