2029 N. Lake
Altadena, Ca. 91001

Backstage Reservations/Information: (626) 798-6236.. between 10 A. M. and 10 P.M.


To: Contact Bob Stane by e mail: bstane@earthlink.net

For Bookings (Entertainers/Musicians) call: (626) 794-2902

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is a 49 seat show room connected to a coffee house surprisingly called, "The Coffee Gallery."  The Backstage is a listening room with a fine sound system, good lights, comfortable seating and a killer atmosphere.


The room "location" is a coffee bean warehouse somewhere in Central America.  You are comfortably stranded while your cruise ship rides out a storm at the mouth of the river.  You,  fortunately, are ashore and have stumbled upon this warehouse where a  group of musical and witty, mostly American, expatriates are earning their cups of exotic coffee by entertaining with voice, guitar and humor. 


There seems to be a never-ending supply of them; it is almost always a different group every week night.   The entertainers seem to be overjoyed with  this bean storage facility as the audience is starved for "good" music and  comedy and no machinery of any kind makes a sound while they are  performing.   Grinders are not allowed. Each individual bean is crushed,  quietly, by hand  by underpaid field workers.

  A wonderful image of Bob Stane


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Experience The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Reservations strongly suggested. Seating is limited. Show up on time or a little early. The Coffee Gallery Backstage does not operate on Central American  Time. When it is full, it is full. Be late and you can, and will be, sent back to the cruise ship.

NOTE: The policy of The Coffee Gallery Backstage is to present "broadcast television clean" entertainment suitable for everyone. This is to assure that the material will be of the highest quality and will come from "thinking it through" instead of going for the cheap laugh. You may bring your brain with you. All ages welcomed. If you have any questions concerning language or movie ratings (most will be "G"), phone and ask or ask at the door. Above all it will always be FUN. Bob Stane insists on enjoying himself EVERY night. No exceptions.


Cash Or Checks. Sorry, No Credit Cards.

Please do not make reservations by email.

No payment necessary when you make telephone reservations.
Pay cash or check at the door at the time of the show."


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