Harmonica virtuoso Tim Baker remembers the magic night that cemented his love of the blues. “I was seventeen, living with my family in Frankfurt, Germany,” says Baker.

“My dad ran a cargo airline that worked closely with the US military.”

Baker heard that blues legend Janis Joplin was coming to Frankfurt. It was in the late sixties, and Joplin was at the peak of her fame. On a whim, Baker cut his hair short, put on a coat an tie, and pinned three different military passes to his lapel. “I went to the venue and told the promoter that I worked for the Stars And Stripes military newspaper and was there to cover the concert. I thought for sure they would kick me out. To my amazement, they not only let me in, they escorted me back to her dressing room.”

Baker spent the entire evening with Joplin and her gregarious guitarist, Sam Houston Andrew (Baker still has the photos he took that night). “Sam was backstage making out with Janice and jamming with a black harmonica player in between.

That master class in the blues lit a fire under Baker. After a few years of practice, Baker went on to play with Grammy winner Buddy Guy, Big Mama Thorton, Vanilla Fudge alum Carmine Appice and countless other blues and rock greats. He also played at the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian Institute, and other historical venues. After moving to Los Angeles, Baker recorded extensively with the Hollywood Film Music Library, which provided music for films, radio, and television.

After years of working as a sideman, Baker decided to form his own band. “I got very, very lucky,” he says, speaking of his bandmates. “Our guitarist, Noah Donnelly, is an instructor at Pasadena City College and has incredible touch on slide as well as blues and jazz guitar.

Before attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Drummer Emmanuel Frausto spent his early years as a Bay Area percussion prodigy. “Emmanuel was gigging with adult bands when he was in the tenth grade,” says Baker. “He can play any style, any tempo, with both grace and power. That’s why Rihanna put him on her team at the 2012 Grammy Awards.”

Bassist Paul Laufengco took a different path to the LA scene. A tech genius, the Manila-born bassist creates custom websites and does IT work for a variety of clients. “He’s also a brilliant bassist, can read music and follow anything by ear. “He and Noah, I swear, can read each other’s minds.”

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