06/26/19 - Nick Justice and “Caris”: David Caris & Terry Ragno

Justice and Caris is a double billing you won't want to miss. Nick Justice is a skilled musician of many genres. Caris is a memorable duo known for their wit and class as musicians. 

When an artist like Nick Justice comes along, one has to wonder why he’s never gotten noticed before. Indeed, Justice seems to have tapped into a vintage form of experience. He blends the essential elements of archival country, folk and blues while avoiding the confines of any one of those genres in particular. It’s a combination that’s reverent and reliable in its delivery, without feeling the need to fit any contemporary context. Indeed, Justice seems content to pattern himself simply as a journeyman.

"Caris" is made up of David Caris & Terry Ragno. If you can remember eagerly opening an LP and pouring over the art and liner notes as you were immersed in the music and lyrics, you will love the folk/pop duo “Caris”. David Caris (guitar/vocals) and Terry Rangno (bass/vocals).

David is a well-known guitarist and has played with just about everyone in Los Angeles at one time or another. He is an accomplished session player as well. Terry has been the bassist for the hit folk-rock band “We Five” for 40+ years and has shared the stage with everyone from Chuck Berry to BB King.

“Caris” tells musical stories. Their memorable melodies and tight vocal harmonies deal with timeless subjects transporting you to the soundscapes they have created.

The duo is comprised of two veteran musicians who expertly play many styles of music but always focus on serving the song. After countless gigs they have developed a rapport that is reminiscent of the golden era of the singer/songwriter.

They may joke around a bit, but it’s serious songwriting and musicianship.“Caris” wants you to share in the fun they are having and come back for more.

Wednesday June 26, 2019 | 8:00 PM | $18.00
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