After selling out their 2 shows in February, by popular demand we are bringing back the jamgrass hippie outlaws, The Storytellers, to Coffee Gallery Backstage on Friday, April 21st. 

The Storytellers is LA's most talked about progressive bluegrass / jamgrass ensemble. They've been hitting the circuit hard, performing over 300 live shows since 2018, culminating in a defining performance at the 2021 Prescott Bluegrass Festival. They have performed at numerous regional fairs and music festivals including the June Lake Jam Fest, the Love Street Festival and the Huck Finn Jubilee. They have earned several performance residencies including their current residency at Treasure Island Resort in Las Vegas.

The Storytellers create energetic live performances that are less formulaic than traditional bluegrass, with longer improvisational jams. Each live Storyteller’s show represents an exploration of how traditional bluegrass can intersect with other music genres, allowing the band the freedom to create a unique sound that is truly their own.

“This outfit is as steeped in values of the past as they are keen on keeping things fresh for today’s listening ear.”
~ The Bluegrass Standard.

“The Storytellers bridge the gap between neat’n’tidy bluegrass and jam band music. While the arrangements may be looser, the instrumentals and vocals remain rousing, high-powered and tight. They are wonderful singers, and energetic, passionate players. We’re thrilled to have them spin their tales on our stage.”
~ Bob Stane

“LA’s The Storytellers are sending a message loud and clear – bluegrass is not dead.”
~ Arroyo Monthly

“The Storytellers seeks to bridge the gap between the traditional bluegrass and jamgrass worlds and have become known for their grassy covers of Grateful Dead songs.”
~ Bluegrass Today

Their repertoire represents a unique blend of roots-rock, Americana, country-blues, folk and bluegrass music. The Storytellers bring soulful harmonies, soaring grooves, and their own hippie outlaw magic to every stage they stand on.

They will be performing their song "The Ballad of Bob Stane".
Friday April 21, 2023 | 8:00 PM | $20.00
Reservations: (626) 798-6236

Reservations are strongly suggested. Seating is limited.
Call 626.798.6236 for Reservations Between 10 A - 10 P
Pay by Cash or Check. Sorry … No Credit Cards
No payment necessary when you make telephone reservations. Pay by cash or check at the door at the time of the show.

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