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November 2015
December 2015
Thursday December 3 8:00 P.M. $18

SALTY SUITES with super special guest act, LEANNE TALLIS.

This is an outstanding show folks, grab it.

SALTY SUITES ....played their first show together in a high security prison for the criminally insane. They enjoy spending time with their cats, drinking whiskey and taking long walks on the beach. Their music is heavily influenced by small woodland creatures and traveling encyclopedia salesmen. Lyrically their inspiration derives from fortune cookies and grumpy cat memes. Don't miss this functionally dysfunctional band of hooligans. Oh, stop it!

THE SALTY SUITES... get better and better every time they headline at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Exciting, inspiring and a fine show of wonderful music and wit. Good for the eyes, good for the ears. Just the right seasoning. Returning to the scene of the crime will be those merry makers of music and mirth, That's right The Salty Suites. This time they they bring with them riches... not from the orient or strange lands, but from the recording studio. That's right folks, the NEW CD HAS ARRIVED! Fresh off the presses, the Suites bring you their 3rd Recorded project, "We All Go Down Together". They will have plenty of these flat round discs for your listening pleasure. The Salty Suites are Scott Gates on Mandolin, The lovely Chelsea Williams on Guitar and the also stunningly rugged Chuck Hailes on Bass, all on vocals and high on energy, this band will leave you smiling and wanting more. Come have a coffee, a tasty snack and settle in for a night of great music. Come lend us your ears!



LEANNE TALLIS who hails from Los Angeles, but has called San Francisco her home for the last five years. After a brief stint in London studying musical theatre, she moved back to the Bay Area and began writing her own music. 2014 saw the release of her first EP, Smoke and Mirrors, recorded with her father at her family home. She is inspired by simple music with meaningful words


Friday December 4 8:00 P.M. $18 OTHER MOTHER BROTHER BAND

Web Site Address: http://ombbmusic.wix.com/ombb

OTHER MOTHER BROTHER BAND is a five-piece eclectic instrumental jam band based out of  Los Angeles. Consisting of  Jesse Selwyn on guitar, Colin Gerowitz on keyboards, Brian Levine on bass, Doug Birmingham on drums and Jonathan Schwartz on mandolin, OMBB weaves together influences from bluegrass, Latin jazz, reggae, rock, funk and classical music to paint sonic landscapes that have delighted audiences from here to Colorado. With an improvisational format borrowed from the classic jazz tradition, each of their five stellar musicians gets their chance to shine in the spotlight, and no two shows are alike. Warning: side effects may include giggles of joy and spontaneous dancing. Ask your doctor if OMBB is right for you. If you get the all clear, just know that OMBB is collectively thrilled to be making their Coffee Gallery debut. Here's your chance to discover LA's best-kept musical secret in the type of intimate setting that always brings out their best!

Now with over 200 live performances under their belts, and a brand new self-produced CD (and accompanying promo videos) scheduled for release by the end of the year, OMBB is poised to break big, aiming to conquer the California bluegrass festival circuit in 2016. They have already achieved the near-impossible, earning enough money playing in Los Angeles to finance their own recording despite playing only instrumental music that they have composed or is by some of the other artists that they admire most: Bela Fleck, David Grisman, and Sam Bush, to name a few. Borrowing classic jazz' improvisational format, OMBB creates a unique and cohesive performance every time they take the stage, and each stellar musician gets his turn in the spotlight. Although their unique style, which weaves together influences from bluegrass, latin jazz, reggae, funk, rock and classical music, currently has no recognized name, it is, above all, new American music that has something exciting to offer to all serious music lovers.

Saturday December 5 7PM $20
Sunday December 6 7:00 P.M. $18




Start thinking "Alt Uke" and get ready for something entirely different ... The Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere! Direct from Silverlake, and locally grown, there's nothing quite like this 15-20 ukelele “wall of sound” - at least not in the Southern California area of the Western Hemisphere.

But don’t show up expecting a repertoire of  lilting Hawaiian melodies … Instead, be prepared to hear unique arrangements and mash-ups, with songs ranging from Radiohead, David Bowie, to yes, even Led Zeppelin and Dolly Parton.

Join the resurgence of the ukulele, the happiest instrument in all the hemispheres. See what the buzz is all about this group. Just show up – and you will leave way happier!


BRIT RODRIGUEZ....is known for her soulful, smoky voice that beautifully contrasts with the bright, colorful sound of her ukulele. As a musician, she is known for her lyrical content and melodic prowess. Brit is a hybrid of the raw, youthful energy of today and the great soul and folk divas of the past.

This show will sell out. It always has at The Coffee Gallery Backstage and it always will. You must phone for reservations in plenty of time.

Photo By...Sherry Barnett





Tuesday, December 8th KAREN AND THE KLASSIX will be performing again a The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Ask anyone who attended their last show and they'll tell you that you won't want to miss this one. If you like Pop, Funk, Country, Western, Italian, Classical, Bluegrass, etc. you are gonna love this band. Karen's amazing vocals are supported by Evan Marshall (mandolin, fiddle, vocal), Doug Livingston (keyboard, pedal steel), Steve Swartout (percussion) and Mike Ley (bass, vocals). This is a great variety show full of fabulous music and lots of laughter. Everything starts at 8pm so don't be late. Reservations suggested. (626) 798-6236


NATHAN & JESSIE....gypsie blues. A trio of traveling minstrels performing all original music inspired by gypsy jazz and blues music. The sound of  two resonator guitars, upright bass, and the accordion tell the dynamic stories of their travels through the magic of music. The chemistry between the three is electric and every show is buzzing with energy and magic. After spending the last year traveling the world, playing their music in France, Spain, Netherlands, and Mexico, Nathan Rivera and Jessie Andra Smith return to California for a tour in their home state accompanied by their rhythm driving upright bass player, Trevor Mulvey. Nathan's eclectic
accordion and virtuoso guitar improvisation along with Jessie's jazzy sweet vocals and rhythm guitar. It’s love and life in song and strings.


The Honolulu Avenue Strummers Present "Christmas Ukulele,” While their name may sound like they come from Hawaii, The Honolulu Avenue Strummers were born from a monthly ukulele jam held along Honolulu Avenue in Montrose, California.

They made their debut in the Montrose Christmas Parade, and have since participated in events such as La Canada Fiesta Days, the Lanterman House Summer Whites Picnic, Night on Broadway, McGroarty Arts Center's Fourth Friday concert series and numerous community Farmers Markets.

Playing a wide variety of music, from Oldies to Modern, from Bluegrass to Hawiian, The Honolulu Avenue Strummers are dedicated to presenting the ukulele as a versatile instrument that lends itself to numerous musical genres. Sit back and enjoy, and we invite you to sing along if you are so inspired!
This time there will be a Christmas theme along with other 4 stringed goodies.


Chauncey Bowers
Hot off the release of his debut CD, Rumors Of Reason, Chauncey Bowers is a man on a mission. His career path from assistant “repo man” to Harvard-educated scientist made an unlikely turn to the folk music circuit. Often compared to John Prine or Randy Newman, his barbed humor and explosive songwriting lights up any audience with whom his songs come in contact.
"His songs make listeners think, and feel, and laugh – but the laughter has bite.”
—Bliss Bowen, Pasadena Weekly
"Chauncey Bowers is a world class songwriter, musician and performer... A Hidden Treasure"
—Tracy Newman (Emmy Award winner)

“One of the most original writers on the Los Angeles songwriter scene.”
— Bill Berry, Songwriter’s Square


DAVID SERBY knows his songbook is a bit intense with its inventory of heartache, desperation and sordid surrenders. There's just not much he can do about it. "There aren’t a lot of happy endings in my songs, I know that, and I've tried to find some. But like a lot of folks, in my life the most memorable things that have happened to me were the saddest. There's tremendous feeling in the bad things - That's what I end up coming back to, and that’s what I end up singing about.”

There are plenty of bad things in the lyrics but the music itself has been quite kind to Serby, who lives in Southern California and walks in line with L.A.'s long history of big-city troubadours who shuffle down urban sidewalks wearing rural boots. There's plenty of 1960s Bakersfield in his sound, as well as healthy doses of Dave Alvin and John Doe, but his genre--like his life story--defies tidy cataloging. Serby's path has been a vagabond affair and no surprise his music favors rootless characters and tumbleweed hearts.

David was adopted by the Serby family and soon was playing by the creeks and cornfields of Illinois on the banks of the Fox River in a small town called Yorkville. By seventh grade, the family moved to Orange County, but instead of the posh coastal enclaves that the county name now conjures up, he was living in Placentia, a drab inland town where rows of look-alike tract homes were quickly replacing rows of orange trees. The city's name, by the way, comes from the Latin for "a pleasant place to live." Serby says “pleasant” just about nails it. "There's not a lot to the place and what there is, well, it’s about eighteen shades of beige.”

He started playing at backyard parties in Long Beach and, scribbling lyrics, eventually worked up his nerve to try some open mike nights. "I was scared out of my mind, no joke. I had tunnel vision, everything started to go dark. I was so nervous. But I made it through and did it again and again." Eventually, he made it to Billy Block’s Western Beat show at Highland Grounds and then to a local circuit of clubs where the pay usually included a free round of drinks. He picked up some fans and supporters, none more important than veteran player Ed Tree, who became Serby's bandleader and guide to this new amplified life. In 2004, Tree also guided Serby during his first recording sessions.

THe also listens to the music of peers and searches their work for lessons. There's one, though, that still eludes him. "I’ve got this friend, he writes these great songs about his happy memories and all the good things, and he plays these really upbeat numbers in his show. It's great, it really is. I just don't know how he does it.”

Saturday December 12 2:00 P.M. (MATINEE). $15. KIDS $8.00.











The Annual.... Coffee Gallery Backstage


A Great Buffet of  Coffee Gallery talent. Watch for that big full stage finale!

Four pairs of our favorite musical talents will entertain you with true holiday zest, performing their top material, plus wonderful seasonal favorites. And you will want to to grab a plate and sample the always wonderful food Mama Licata, a Peruvian native, brings to the full pot luck Buffet table. Other friends and family bring dishes as well, as you can if you like, so it is a diverse and tasty experience. Bob Stane always brings his appetite, and crashes the front of the line, so come early. (doors open at 1:30)

Admission is just $15, so if you come early to eat, bring a dish, or simply dine with us and add a small donation to the buffet table tip jar. ( Do not bring beverages...those are available at the Gallery's drink counter)

The LICATA BROTHERS, the Gallery's newest and youngest headliners, will thrill you with their showmanship, musicianship, and artful and entertaining sets of music spanning many decades, (7?), of great American music that you love.

THE BOHEMIAN SOUL RUSTLERS bring virtuoso vocal chops and arrangements to material ranging from from Hammerstein to Henley, from Gospel to Classic Rock to Classical arias. And a wicked sense of humor and surprise envelopes the entire performance.

CHAD WATSON and PAM LOE are favorite husband and wife team who will be preparing some great seasonal music to spice this show. CHAD, our bass man and trombonist for the show, is known to you for his work with John York and also Barry MacGuire, and will blend his voice in duet with the gorgeous voice of Pam Loe.

CARBE DURAND, is Lisa Carbe and JP Durand, the dynamic duo couple that is known to throngs here at the gallery for anchoring the fabulous instrumental Latin fusion guitar trio/quartet/quintet INCENDIO, with Jim Stubblefield, that is a favorite here and nationwide. Expect blazing strings to set the Yule log afire.

These acts are all good friends to the point of family, so expect a ton of fun and laughs, and simply come and be part of the FAMILY with us this Saturday Afternoon.


SATURDAY December 12 7:00 P.M. $18 Two Headliner Night. Double Delights for cheap.
THE HONEY WHISKEY TRIO plus their friends,
Young, fresh, talented and fun.  Fab music, ready wit and they look great. Wallow in it.

HONEY WHISKEY TRIO....2013 Harmony Sweepstakes National Champions, The Honey Whiskey Trio explores harmony in folk, bluegrass and any melody that catches the ear. Through their full harmonies, body percussion, haunting melodies and vitality on stage, Honey Whiskey Trio captivates and moves audiences, earning them such honors as the Audience Favorite awards at both the Regional and National Harmony Sweepstakes.
These storytellers in song found their roots in the vocal jazz department of CSU Long Beach where the members all studied with Christine Guter. This foundation in jazz gives Honey Whiskey Trio an inherent flexibility to their sound, allowing them to change and adjust their tone to fit each song, be it bluegrass, folk or even the occasional Andrews Sisters style tune.
Visit www.honeywhiskeytrio.com to learn more about the trio--Courtney Gasque, Ann Louise Thaiss & Christina Wilson--and listen to some of their arrangements. Plus.

SALTY SUITES...always a hit at The Coffee Gallery Backstage.
Come and share a night with the Salty Suites, Those young acoustic critters who love to play and sing for you. They will be playing and singing their originals and classics .! The Salty Suites, Chuck Hailes, Chelsea Williams and Oh yeah, Scott Gates return to the scene of the crime to play hard, sing sweet and rock long at the house of Java...

SUNDAY DECEMBER 13 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. and evening show at 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. $25 per show.

THE LONG RUN - Experience The Eagles


On Sunday, December 13 The Long Run returns to the Coffee Gallery with their signature Eagles UNPlugged holiday acoustic show. “We love playing these great songs on acoustic guitars in an intimate setting, and there’s no better place and no better audience than at The Coffee Gallery Backstage."

Jim & Gig Talk About the Acoustic Show

See The Long Run Live


A lot has happened for THE LONG RUN (TLR) since their last appearance on our stage back in December of 2013.
They’ve more than doubled their annual travel schedule to include a great many cities and venues new to the band,
meeting thousands of Eagles fans across the country and making friends along the journey.

TLR is renown for their instrumental and vocal accuracy blended with their own, unique personality and infectious fun.

Singled out by Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest and Katie Daryl as the finest Eagles tribute show working today TLR was
privileged to perform a 90 minute concert for AXS-TV’s hit series, “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” which was
broadcast live to millions of viewers on five continents. The response was so good and ratings so high that the group
was invited back for an un-precidented encore performance.

Just last fall The Long Run debuted their brand new theatrical concert production entitled Dark Desert Highway.
Fully-staged on a specially designed set with spectacular, atmospheric lighting the show ran for two weeks at the
beautiful Candlelight Pavilion in Claremont, CA playing to full houses every performance.

On Sunday, December 13 The Long Run returns to the Coffee Gallery with their signature Eagles UNPlugged holiday
acoustic show. “We love playing these great songs on acoustic guitars in an intimate setting, and there’s no better place
and no better audience than at the Coffee Gallery Backstage."

Jim & Gig Talk About the Acoustic Show

See The Long Run Live



Sunday December 13 7:00 P.M. $18



JIM 'KIMO' WEST and his CHRISTMAS LUAU. The Christmas Show packed with dancers, singers and slack key pickers and maybe a ukulele fandango and more, Much More.

Roast Pig & pale poi with Spam will be discussed but not on the fare for this night.

Award-winnning slack key guitarist, Jim "Kimo" West brings his annual Holiday Slack Key Show to The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Drawing on material from his two acclaimed holiday CD’s, Kimo’s slack key artistry brings the essence of the islands to holiday classics, traditional Hawaiian folk music and hapa haole standards.

Joining Kimo will be vocalist Diana Tanaka and traditional hula dancers. Lots of Christmas in the islands guests coming up.

Kimo is regarded as one of the world’s foremost “ki ho’alu” or Hawaiian “slack key” guitar artists. This warm and engaging acoustic guitar style has it’s roots in 1840’s Hawaii, when Mexican vaqueros first brought guitars to the Big Island of Hawaii. If you saw the Oscar-winning film, “The Decendants” you have experienced this great acoustic guitar tradition.

Jim “Kimo” West is best known as long-time guitarist for the world’s most successful musical comedy artist, “Weird Al” Yankovic. Kimo’s career has seen three Grammy's, many gold and platinum awards and most recently a Billboard #1 CD with their latest release, “Mandatory Fun” as well as many national tours and TV appearances such as the Tonight Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View , Craig Ferguson, Conan O?Brien and many more.

Kimo is a winner of the Hawaii Music Awards and two-time Na Hoku Hanohano (the Hawaiian ‘Grammy’) nominee. He is also a two-time winner of the LA Treasures Award for his efforts in keeping this important acoustic guitar tradition alive.

"For those burned out on hearing the same Christmas tunes every year, West has provided a radiant alternative. “Jingle Bell Rock” is suitably upbeat but magical. West has revived the sense of wonder which once fueled the track....given the slack-key guitar treatment, it sounds fresh and alive. “Sleigh Ride” swings from a spellbinding web of instrumental wizardry. “Away in a Manger” is turned into a fragile lullaby. One can imagine the snowflakes gradually falling in the stunningly beautiful “The Christmas Song.” West’s playing throughout the CD is enchanting and atmospheric, capturing the wintry beauty of the holiday like few have done in the last couple of decades"

Stacy Zering, No Depression www.jimkimowest.com

Monday December 14 8:00 P.M. Tickets: $18.00 (Includes a Christmas present from Will and the band!)

Reserve seats EARLY for this show! (626) 798-6236  ALL AGES!


“The Band that Won the West”! Just named “America’s Hardest Working Easy-Going Cowboy Band”! 14 December is the band’s first big Christmas show – new songs, old songs, favourite carols, sing-along classics, unusual and rarely-heard Christmas ditties. WHAT A NIGHT! A real Yuletide celebration! AND a complimentary gift from the band for the first 49 attendees!

Starring WILL RYAN, winner of  2 Gold Records, the Annie Award and BMI’s Pioneer Award, nominated for the Emmy and the Writers Guild Award, King of the Radio Cowboys and Official Singing Cowboy of Hollywood! JOHN “PRESTO” REYNOLDS - the Einstein of the Six-String! Cactus County Cowgirl “CHAPARALL KATIE” CAVERA – The Bergman of the Banjo and the Bass! And featuring Will’s talented cohorts-in-song, the Splendiferous Singing Sensation of the West; Shona, Karona & Katriona: the SAGUARO SISTERS – the Sweetest Singing West of the Great Divide! Plus: Special surprises! “Sheer joy!” ALL AGES!

“This is an Official Santa-Approved Event”

– North Pole Chamber of Commerce




what an amazing, international trifecta.

Laurance Juber's guitar has a "voice" that is not to be duplicated. He was part of
Wings with Paul McCartney, hand picked, of course.

Laurence Juber is considered to be one of the leading acoustic guitarists of our generation. His masterful fingerstyle playing combines elements of jazz, blues, rock and folk with a distinctive voice that transcends musical boundaries. See him perform and you will understand why Paul McCartney hand-picked him to become lead guitarist for Wings. This is a show for all musical tastes.

"The moods he can pull out of a single Martin acoustic are pretty astounding"- Guitar Player magazine

"One of the most gifted and versatile fingerstyle guitarists on the scene"
- Acoustic Guitar Magazine. "Stunning fretwork" - Fingerstyle Guitar.

"A provocative guitar perspective" - L.A.Times


Thursday December 17 8:00 P.M. $20


Join us for a special evening of music celebrating the release of the third-annual, limited-edition, international Banjo Babes 2016 Calendar & Album! Presenting a world-class show featuring four incredible lady banjo artists and their bands - Erin Inglish (w/the Stringtown Ambassadors), Evie Ladin, The Littlest Birds (featuring Sharon Martinson), and The Small Glories (featuring Cara Luft of the Canadian super group The Wailin' Jennys). Curated by California banjo chanteuse Erin Inglish (expressive, sassy, dynamic banjo; lush and raw power-house vocals, award-winning songwriting), this show promises luminous musicianship, soaring harmonies and expressive style and technique on the five-string banjo from all acts! An absolute must-see show for fans of Americana music! The Banjo Babes 2016 Calendar & Album will be available for procurement at the show.

ERIN INGLISH w/the STRINGTOWN AMBASSADORS: Erin Inglish is a tour-de-force banjo chanteuse, a thoughtful wanderer steeped in the thick of California’s music scene. Inglish’s performances proffer passionate lyricism, toe-tapping grooves, and striking reflections about the state of the modern world. Her voice is both lush and raw, and her picking style on the five-string banjo is uniquely her own… (www.erininglish.com, www.stringtownambassadors.com)

EVIE LADIN: The polyrhythmic heat of  Evie Ladin's clawhammer banjo, resonant voice, real stories and rhythmic dance have been heard from A Prairie Home Companion to Celtic Connections, Lincoln Center to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Known as a driving force behind San Francisco's Stairwell Sisters, Evie's solo debut Float Downstream (2010).

THE SMALL GLORIES: Folk powerhouse pair The Small Glories are Cara Luft & JD Edwards, a dynamic new duo planted on the Canadian Prairies.

Friday December 18 8:00 P.M. $18 TOM MARION...who is an essential part of any group fortunate enough to have him play guitar and sing, showcases an array of stars.

TOM MARION PRESENTS...Tom Marion presents and Kate Fredricks & The Boot Leg Baloney Duo, (Music, Songs & Comedy), Frank Fairfield, with banjo & songs With guest artist Mereidith Axelrod... a fine, uncanny singer and a multi-instrumentalist with great rhythmic drive and a sure grasp of early jazz, rural blues and the many pop music genres of the early 20th century, learned from a deep immersion in old 78s.

As a solo artist, Meredith has headlined her own shows at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, opened for the Cheap Suit Serenaders at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, opened for David Bromberg at the Sweetwater Music Hall, and toured as far as Australia and New Zealand. ANDY CORWIN, from The Limeliters, will be joining Kate Fredricks for several songs of fun.

And other special guests! Including Tom Marion! Zack Sololow of the pop/folk group, The Americans.

All around country, fine fiddle & guitar. So good, so fine, so funny where it is supposed to be humorous.

Frank Fairfield is sustaining a tradition on old time fiddle, guitar and banjo, that’s long teetered on the verge of extinction. He also helps us to remember something atavistic in the marrow of our bones, some whisper from vanished prewar, pre-interstate days, when regionalism reigned, and personal communication, gestures, movements, and music were restricted to the limitations of our eyes. But it’s about more than that: It’s about doing what feels right. Frank Fairfield’s music feels right.

"This daring, darling duo of multi-instrumentalist jokesters, Bootleg Baloney, share with you only the very best songs in the History of the World.


You know Andy Corwin from The Limeliters, The Foremen, "actual size", and his side-splitting solo act. You no doubt have seen Kate Friedricks perform at the Coffee Gallery with her vintage Tiki trio, The Honey-Lulus. There will be Musical Saw."


Chicago native Meredith Axelrod loves early twentieth century music, including ragtime and jug band music. She learned to sing from listening to how folks did it a century ago, via cylinders and 78 rpm records.

As a singer, she has performed with Maria Muldaur and Dan Hicks at the San Francisco Jugband Festival, and with Lavay Smith at San Francisco’s Café Du Nord, and with Devine's Jug Band.


Saturday December 19 7:00P.M. $20 Once the room is full (sold out), by reservations, there will be no more seating. There are safety factors (fire marshall) and the room will not stretch. No exceptions. Call now or weep later.

THE ENTERPRISE BLUES BAND was formed by the three actors Vaughn Armstrong, Steve Rankin and Casey Biggs who between them have played over 20 different characters on all of the various television series of Star Trek. With Vaughn on harmonica, ukulele and an occasional kazoo, Steve on mandolin and guitar, and Casey on guitar, they play what they refer to as Intergalactic Roots Music. Performing at Star Trek Conventions in Australia, Europe, Canada and the US and via Internet and Star Trek Radio, their music has been heard all over the world. Their concerts are always sold out (as will this show) and are one of the biggest highlights of the conventions delighting fans everywhere.

If you are a Trekkie, this appearance at The Coffee Gallery Backstage is a rare one that should not be missed. And even if you are not a Trekkie, the music is irresistible. Opening with her wry sense of humor is stand up comedian Chris Edsey.
The Enterprise Blues Band will be joined by Fred Sanders on bass. And as it is with most EBB performances, the evening might include surprise guests. You just don't know who might be Beamed Up to play along with the boys. So come on out and enjoy the space ride and Live Long and Prosper!
SUNDAY Dec 20 3:00 P.M. MATINEE $20 Taylor Made Unplugged!

Join Taylor Made for an entertaining and uplifting performance 'Unplugged' at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. If you've enjoyed Taylor Made before (and even if you haven't), you'll love this acoustic only version of the band. Stripped down to their basics, with acoustic instruments and rich vocals, this is how we imagine these songs sounded as they were originally created. And we'll throw in a few holiday favorites for your listening pleasure!

Always a solid, enthusiastic crowd for this show.

TAYLOR MADE.... the James Taylor Tribute Band, is performing throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. This 7-piece group consists of musicians from the Los Angeles area who are dedicated to creating the uplifting, soulful and memorable sounds of the legendary singer-songwriter. Having performed at such venues as The Canyon Club, The Grove of Anaheim, Warner Center Concerts in the Park, Malibu Wines and The Coffee Gallery Backstage, Taylor Made continues to make its mark on the Southern California music scene.

Taylor Made consists of Stephen Bock on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Darryl Lieberstein on bass and vocals, Preston Gould on horns and vocals, Dev Dosaj on keyboards and vocals, Sheryl Braunstein on vocals, Hugh Laxineta on electric guitar and Clark Pardee on drums and percussion.

“We have gathered together an outstanding group of musicians and singers who remain true to the original qualities of the JT tunes we play, while adding a touch of their own unique style. It all adds up to a dynamic and amazing sound”, says lead singer and guitarist Stephen Bock. Taylor Made plays a wide variety of tunes from the Taylor songbook, which can be categorized from rock, soul and funk all the way to blues, folk and ballads. “It is really an incredible array of styles that we get to bring to life”, says bass player Darryl Lieberstein.

Folks are likely to hear Fire and Rain, How Sweet It Is and Mexico as well as Steamroller Blues, Your Smiling Face and of course You’ve Got A Friend.

So come on out to Backstage at the Coffee Gallery on Sunday December 20 at 3:00 and ring in the holidays with Taylor Made.

Sunday December 20 7:00 P.M. $20 BIG DADDY IS BACK!

On the heels of “Smashing Songs of Stage & Screen,” their first album in nearly 15 years, “Big Daddy, The Band of ‘59” is back. This Coffee Gallery show will be the band’s first live performance since the mid- 90’s!

From 1983 to 1994, Big Daddy roamed the Rock & Roll landscape foraging for the hit songs of the day, plucking them from the charts, chewing them up, digesting them and then spitting them back out, never to sound the same. Though the lyrics and melodies were virtually unchanged, the songs sounded as if they had been written and recorded in the golden age of Rock & Roll…the 1950’s. Today, this type of song reworking is called a “Mash Up” and Big Daddy is now credited as The Mash Up Kings of Rockabilly, DooWop, R & B, & Pop…if it’s from the 50’s, Big Daddy is all over it.

Randy Lewis said it best in his 2012 L.A. Times article on the band:

“More than a gimmick, Big Daddy created new takes on Pop and Rock songs that were consistently inspired, illuminating and often hilarious.”
- Randy Lewis, L.A. Times, 10-4-12.

The band his released six studio albums and countless other recordings, including their 1985 top 20 UK hit, “Dancing In The Dark”…a send up of the Bruce Springsteen classic. Their 1992 “Sgt. Pepper’s” tribute album continues to receive consistent radio airplay on SiriusXM’s “Little Steven’s Underground Garage.”

From London’s Wembley Arena (with Gary Glitter) to Germany and Australia, Big Daddy has preached… “50’s music is still cool.” Their US shows at The Universal Amphitheatre (with Jay Leno), New York’s The Bottom Line, The Palomino, The Groundlings Theatre and Pasadena’s own Ice House have all seen Big Daddy spread their joyful irreverence. Altadena is the first stop on a new chapter of their journey! Don’t miss it!

More on Big Daddy at:


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