11/14/18 - Frankie Gavin: Fastest Fiddler w/ Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello

Guinness book of records Fastest Fiddle player in the World, Frankie Gavin on fiddle, viola and tin whistle. Opening for Frankie will be husband and wife duo Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello. 

Frankie Gavin, the fastest fiddle player in Ireland and all of Europe. Bob Stane says about Frankie’s first time at The Coffee Gallery Backstage : "Frankie Gavin played The Coffee Gallery Backstage to a sell out in the middle of the week. The fiddle/violin folks went nuts. I had a bunch of professionals in the audience and every violin fan and student who knew about the show came. He is billed as the fastest fiddle player in Europe and maybe, also, the best. A famous guy. His play tinges on the esoteric with maybe some jazz interpretations but always on Irish songs. Very interesting and entertaining and "real" musicians love him. Of course he got standing encores."

Frankie has performed for 4 US Presidents, the first at the age of six , when JFK came to Galway Ireland.

Frankie has led the legendary Band De Dannan for forty five years, starting the band when he was sixteen years old. He has performed and recorded with legends such as The Rolling Stones, Earl Scruggs, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, and Jazz legend, Stephane Grappelli.

Innovation may be the buzz-word in Traditional music, but Frankie Gavin’s digressions are not in the common areas of tempo and superficial style-impressions. His contemporary borrowings of art-deco and music-hall Irishness are re-jigged in original avenues of exploration. His dextrous treatment of troublesome tunes might get even the Pope out on the floor, his orchestration could break hearts.

A superbly uncompromising player, he makes refreshment of the old by picking out and polishing every detail and setting it off in a steady, listenable pace. Gavin edgy and brilliant on both fiddle and flute, with always the most meticulous attention given to tone and variation. Live, his tune sets are perfectionism that drive and are driven by an audience spontaneity that spurs Gavin to push fiddle from shriek to rasping bass.

Tears and cheers erupt spontaneously, the goodwill of his mixed-age audiences has always been great sauce. Like herding the mythic creac, Frankie Gavin here whoops a great retrospective before him into the Ogham of Celtic Valhalla.

Opening Act: 

Tommy McCarthy and his wife Louise Costello are musicians and owners of the Burren Pub in Davis Square, Somerville, considered one of the best places to hear traditional Irish music in the United States, if not the world. We spoke to Tommy recently from Ireland, where he was home with his family.

"My family comes from West Clare, and I grew up in London in a very musical environment. After my three older sisters, there was a gap of five years, so by the time I was eight or nine they were already playing around London in the Irish Centers and pubs, so it seemed inevitable I would be part of the music scene.
I didn’t show any signs of playing until I was about twelve, when my father bought me a mandolin. I started playing the fiddle at about thirteen, and I knew my dad was very happy that I was taking up the family tradition. Bobby Casey started teaching me a bit, and at about fifteen I started playing at the Irish Centre in Camden Town with banjo player Mick O’Connor and Sean Casey, Bobby’s son. We played mostly at the Victoria Pub on Holloway Road in North London.
Louise comes from Tulloughmore, County Galway. A nun at her school was putting a Ceili Band together and went out and bought a banjo for Louise. And she used to go around to the local sessions with her father, an accordion player, and played a lot with DeDannan and other bands around Galway."

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