03/06/19 - Ronobir Lahiri: Sitar Master

Ronobir was featured on Katy Perry's album Prism, the song "Legendary Lovers," and plays a eloquent sitar solo on Ziggy Marley's album Fly Rasta, the song "Sunshine." 

He performed at the Hollywood Bowl in with the Blue Man Group and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Ronobir Lahiri has been playing sitar for years. After a sabbatical of intense classical training in Calcutta, India, under Sri Deepak Choudhuri, the pre-eminent disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar, he returned home to the USA and made a departure from the strict classical form.

With a head full of Indian melody, he began to explore the parallels between the cyclical narrative form of raga and tala, and brought on board the hypnotic, relentless evolving repetition of house music. Drawing inspiration from Philip Glass, Jerry Garcia, Miles Davis, among others, the new album, "Hypnosis: Deep House Sitar," is a blend of Indian and club, creating an auditory environment that is at once uplifting and meditative, spiritual and intensely visceral.

Ronobir’s exploration of the American pop catalogue, while fun and lively, also has a deeper social significance, and is a commentary on what it is to be an Indian-American. It’s an attempt to balance the books on centuries of cultural appropriation. By reimagining American pop in a framework of Indian instrumentation, it gives a different voice to a universal story of love, heartbreak, loss and redemption, and makes room for the inclusion of all of our often underrepresented experiences.

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