02/15/19 - LynnMarie, Five-Time Grammy Nominee & E3

LynnMarie & E3 make the accordion fun, hip and sexy for a whole new generation! The duo will play an eclectic mix of songs including selections from their brand-new CD “Home”. 

This is their ONLY appearance in the L.A. area.

Dubbed “The Dixie Chick of the Accordion” by Jay Leno, the squeeze box player and vocalist, and recent Polka Hall of Fame inductee, is the first female artist ever to win a Grammy nod for Best Polka Album. Now, partnered with Award-winning musician Eddie Rodick III, together they fuse Americana, Country, and the traditional music of their ethnic heritage, (along with incredible storytelling) to entertain and wow crowds everywhere!  And she sings and is fun and funny. 

When Pete Townshend wrote The Who’s “Squeeze Box” in the mid-70s, he originally planned for it to be performed on a TV special by the band accompanied by 100 topless accordionists. Forty years later, LynnMarie—the first and only female ever to be Grammy nominated for Best Polka Album—is singing and playing her own “Squeeze Box” (aka the Button Box Accordion) on a hip, new, Americana version of the classic tune.

Talking about her generation? Well sort of, but LynnMarie is passionate about taking the genre out of the stereotypical image of portly, kielbasa scented dudes in lederhosen and to a younger generation starved for exciting and original new music.

And she’s succeeding. US Weekly may have said it best in a write up of Squeeze Box, the album that earned her the first Grammy nomination: “this is not your grandfather’s polka.” Jay Leno called her “the Dixie Chick Of Polka.” And Austin O’Connor of The Sun, a newspaper based in Lowell, Massachusetts where LynnMarie have played the National Folk Festival, called her “undoubtedly the sexiest player ever to strap on an accordion!” Rolling Stone chimed in: “LynnMarie is one soulful polka diva.”

Friday February 15, 2019 | 8:00 PM | $18.00
Reservations: (626) 798-6236

Reservations are strongly suggested. Seating is limited.
Call 626.798.6236 for Reservations Between 10 A - 10 P
Pay by Cash or Check. Sorry … No Credit Cards
No payment necessary when you make telephone reservations. Pay by cash or check at the door at the time of the show.

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